magine you are the supervisor of the health information management (HIM) department in a large outpatient clinic. What improvement tool would you use to identify all possible reasons for the increase in complaints about the HIM department?

What improvement tool would you use to identify all possible reasons for the increase in complaints about the HIM department?

What improvement tool would you use to gather data to confirm the reasons for the complaints about the HIM department?

You hypothesize that complaints spike on certain days of the week. What improvement tool would you use to analyze this theory?

The HIM staff tallies information about the causes of complaints. What improvement tool would you use to prioritize the problems?

What quality improvement tool would you use to define the current process for retrieving patient records?

You believe that cooperation between the clinic receptionists and HIM staff would improve if phone responsibilities were more clearly defined. To whom would you assign the task of defining roles and responsibilities?


Write an essay about The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan
I. Background of Friedan and why she wrote The Feminine Mystique.
II. Summary of the women’s movement and conditions women faced in business, home, and politics prior to the writing of The Feminine Mystique.
III. Summary of at least five main factors within The Feminine Mystique.
IV. Summary of how the women’s movement changed and the advances, and still problems, women have accomplished and endured since it writing.

Analysis of the cost and performance structure of an organization of the German health care system

Using theories of cost and activity accounting, analyze the structure of costs and services in a health care organization and provide evidence for your explanations using cost and activity accounting, external accounting, or income-expense accounting. What services does the healthcare organization provide and what generates revenue? What types of costs are incurred in this context and to which cost centers and cost objects are they assigned? Can the cost and activity accounting in your healthcare organization fulfill the theoretical requirements or how could they be fulfilled?

Comprehensive financial analysis

evaluate students’ understanding and ability in collecting financial data and applying various financial analysis techniques to assess a company’s financial position in order to identify where improvements are needed. In addition, it aims at evaluating students’ ability to apply an appropriate software to prepare and analyse financial statements and to provide recommendations for the selected companies and investors.

provide a comprehensive financial analysis for the selected companies using various financial analysis techniques such as graphs, common-size analysis and financial ratio analysis including DuPont analysis.
Your final report should include the following:
i) Analysing the following aspects of the selected firms’ over two years:
1. Analysing liquidity
2. Analysing assets management efficiency
3. Analysing solvency or leverage
4. Analysing profitability (including DuPont analysis).
5. Analysing market value ratios
ii) Evaluation of the selected firms’ cash conversion cycle (CCC). iii) Common-size analysis.
iv) A description of the overall ratios trend and what it implies for current and future financial performance of the selected companies.